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Amazing Health Benefits of Dried Figs!!

Fig fruits are one of the most delicious sweet and nutrient fruit used from ancient times. They are nutrition dense fruits which contain antioxidants, phytonutrients, and vitamins. Figs are found in Yellow - green, copper or purple colour. This fruit was originated in Arabia and now it's found in almost all parts of the world. Hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters are best climate for growing figs. Actually the fig is a flower with a seed, and we consider it's seed as the fruit.

Fresh figs are not available throughout the year but Dried figs are easy to find. Recent studies prove that the fiber rich dried figs added into your diet contributes the nutrients needed for your body for making it healthy.

Health Benefits of  Dried Figs.


1.Lower Cholesterol

Figs are rich in fiber content. The fiber contained in Dried figs is Pectin which is a soluble fiber. When fiber moves through the digestive system, they swipe the excessive cholesterol and moves it to the excretory system. The presence of Pectin in dried figs also stimulates the bowel movement.  Figs are one among the most fiber contained fruits hence they helps in maintaining a healthy body.

2.Aids in Weight Loss

Fiber rich content in Dried figs helps in reducing the body weight and hence it's the most recommended fruit for those who are following a healthy diet for weight loss. A few number of figs may contain all overall nutrients needed for your daily activities.

3.Prevents Cancer

The presence of high fiber content in Dried figs helps to remove the free radicals found inside the body especially in colon. It also decreases the rate of breast cancer after menopause. After menopause there may be hormonal imbalances in the body. This may affect the immune system and in turn causes the destruction of free radicals found in the body. This condition may lead to cancer. So including dried figs in your diet can help fight against the free radicals and hence prevents cancer.

4.Prevents Hypertension

Figs are high in Potassium and low in Sodium content. The regular intake of dried figs may reduce the rate of hypertension. Figs is considered as food to relax  your nerves and thus making your body calm.

5.Dried figs

are an excellent provider of elements like  copper, potassium,calcium, manganese, selenium, iron and zinc. Potassium has an important role in controlling heart rate and blood pressure. Copper is required for the  production of red blood cells. Iron is an essential component for red blood cell formation and cellular oxidation.

6.Helps in preventing diabetes

Recent studies state that Dried figs contain chlorogenic acid  which helps lower blood sugar levels and control blood glucose levels.

7.Relief from respiratory disorders

Figs are high in Mucilage content which in turn helps in healing sore throats. They can also be used in relieving the pain and stress in vocal chords.

8.Figs are useful for treating various respiratory disorders

Figs are also useful for treating various respiratory disorders like asthma and whooping cough.  Figs are good for treating fever, abscesses, venereal diseases. Dried figs helps in maintaining the PH level of the body. Because of their sweet nature they can be used as a healthy substitute for sugar.

9.Prevents Heart Diseases

Dried figs contain  fatty acids that can reduce the risk of coronary diseases. The leaves of figs have a significant effect on balancing the level of triglycerides in a person’s body, which are a major factor behind various heart diseases.

10.Strengthens Bones

Figs are high in calcium content, which is one of the most important components in strengthening bones,and hence reduces the risk of Osteoporosis It is also rich in phosphorus, which encourages bone formation and helps in repairing the damages.

Follow a healthy diet and live long !