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Do you Love Eating Cashews? Cashew Nut Nutrition Facts!!!!

Who doesn't love eating cashew nuts? When in a mix they are often one of the first nuts chosen by everyone. We Indians call Cashew nut as Kaju in Hindi, Andiparippu in Malayalam, Munthiri parippu in Tamil and so on. They actually originated in Brazil and now widely found in many parts of India especially Kerala.  Cashew nuts are famous for their nutritional values. They are a rich source of energy, protein, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. These kidney shaped beans are crunchy, delicately sweet and delicious. Cashew nut is commonly used in Indian cuisine and it's also added to many of the sweets. Children and elders both love the crunchy delight of Cashew Nuts. They are not only delicious but also healthy. Few of the health benefits of Cashew Nuts are listed below.

Cashew nuts helps in preventing Cancer.

Cashew nuts contain Proanthocyanidin which has the ability to fight against tumor cells and prevents them from multiplying. Proanthocyanidin also contains high copper contents which make it able to fight various cancers like cancer of colon, prostate and etc. It can also reduces the occurrence of cancer with the presence of antioxidants like selenium and vitamin E which prevents the free radical oxidation in the body and enhances the immunity.

Helps in maintaining a healthy heart.

Cashew Nuts contain low fat and cholesterol and thus maintains a healthy heart. Oleic acid present in cashew makes them more healthy. It also contains magnesium  which can lower down high blood pressure and hence prevents heart attacks. Cashew nuts prevent from  atherosclerosis and it can reduce the plague formation in the arteries.

Benefits of Cashew Nut for Hair.

Cashew nut contains copper which can help maintain hair strong bright and lustrous

Healthy Bones.

Calcium and Magnesium abundantly found in Cashew nut helps in increasing the calcium absorption by the bones and thus makes it strong. High copper content makes the bones and joints flexible and also prevents bone deformity.

Makes the Nervous System Healthy.

Magnesium has an important role in maintaining a healthy nervous system. It prevents the entry of calcium into the nerve cells and thus enhances the relaxation of blood vessels and muscles.

Cashew Nuts aids in weight loss.

Cashew nut has the properties that aids in weight loss. Even though they are packed with a high amount of fats and proteins it helps in maintaining a healthy body weight as it doesn't contain any cholesterol.

Healthy Brain.

Cashew Nuts aids in healthy brain functioning. High level of copper found in cashew nuts helps in maintenance of the brain functions and it's very important for the production of hormones and enzymes. Copper also involves in the production and secretion of  melanin and dopamine which prevents from depression, severe sun burn, chronic fatigue syndromes, neurological disorders and etc

Benefits of Cashew Nuts for Skin

Niacin (A vitamin found in cashew nuts) prevents from the skin disease known as dermatitis. It enhances the utilization of the iron in the body, elimination of free radicals, maintenance of connective tissue, production of skin and hair pigment called melanin, hence it makes the skin healthy and wrinkles free.

Always remember the fact that a control on anything is the best key for the good health. Consumption of 5 - 10 numbers of cashew nuts a day is advisable. Excess consumption may lead to extra weight gain.