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  • Top 10 Healthy Food for Women!!

    Being a Women is not easy. Today's Women is not only a home maker, she is an entrepreneur, an achiever and also the back bone of her family. Women differ from men physiologically, psychologically and biologically. Hence the nutritional requirements for women also vary from those of men. Women need a lot of energy to complete her daily tasks. So you need to eat right for being healthy. Here’s... Read More

  • Valentine Cake Recipe!!


    Valentines day has arrived and we have the sweetest little cakes to help you celebrate! These Valentine’s Day cakes are gorgeous, festive, and most importantly easy. They are in heart shape and decorated with pink candies that really makes them special.These individual chocolate layer cakes are a sweet way to say "I love you" even when it's not Valentine's Day. The decoration... Read More

  • Spicy and Tangy Kadai Chicken !!!

    Kadai Chicken is a popular Indian dish known for its spicy and tangy taste and use of a variety of Indian spices makes it more special. Kadai Chicken literally means chicken cooked in a kadai(frying pan). A kadai is a type of thick cooking pot with circular shape similar to a wok which is generally used in Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Nepalese cuisines.

    Kadai Chicken is ... Read More

  • Kerala fish Curry!!

    Nadan Meen Curry or Kerala Fish Curry is a traditional fish curry of Kerala,  which is spicy and made with "Kudampuli/Gambooge" or Garcinia cambogia. Kudam puli is well known for its health benefits and traditionally used in fish curries.If you like spicy foods then you should definitely try this. This is a ... Read More

  • Easy No-Bake Chocolate Cheese Cake!!!!

    Baking is  a Science and everyone won't be fit for it .Even Though we all enjoy the delight of warm cakes arising from our ovens. Baking can be such a difficult thing. Luckily there are thousand of no bake cake recipes which everyone can try. this recipe is one among them. Even your kids can try  this recipe.  

    Cho... Read More

  • Tawa Chicken!!!!

    There are always some favorites for everyone of us. We won’t be getting tired of eating our favorite dishes over and over again. This simple chicken recipe is one among our favorites. Is there anyone who doesn’t love to have a delicious meal on a weekend? This dish is dedicated  to all chicken lovers all around the world. This is a very simple recipe nothing... Read More

  • Yummy New year Cake!!

    Hi everyone!  So the countdown to 2017 has started and how can we celebrate a new year without a cake?  Now we are sharing the recipe of an easy New year cake. Enjoy this new year with this lovely recipe..


    188g Butter, softened

    1.5 cups Sugar

    3 Eggs, separated

    1 Orange

    ¼ cup of Orange Juice

    100g Plain yogurt

    <... Read More
  • Easy homemade wine recipe for this Christmas...

    Wine is a most common topic connected with our culture.So  how can we celebrate a Christmas and New year without preparing it . Nowadays wine is being produced all over the world but wine recipes  may vary from region to region.

    You can make wine out of almost any fruit. The fruit that is commonly used for making wi... Read More

  • Brighten up your kids snack time with this healthy owl crackers!!!!

    Ask any parents and they’ll tell you that making a perfect after-school snacks requires real skill. You have to offer something hearty and special enough to satisfy their hungers, light enough to not spoil their dinner appetites, healthy enough so they’re not pumped with processed sugar, after all that, the kids have to actually love to eat it!

    ... Read More

  • Top 14 spices and herbs that can fight HIV/AIDS….

    World AIDS Day is held on 1st December every year is a great opportunity for people worldwide to fight against HIV, express their support for people living with HIV and to commemorate people who have died. World AIDS Day is the first ever global health day and it’s held for the first time in 1988.

    Globally there are 30 million people around the world who are infected with the HIV virus... Read More

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